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AML – a new era webinar

During this session, we discussed the need for a more holistic approach to AML, the challenges of combining transaction monitoring and KYC, and what technology can and can’t do to help. 

About the webinar

We hosted our webinar on the theme AML – a new era on Wednesday 8th July and discussed:

  • Joining KYC and Transaction Monitoring
  • The challenges and obstacles in this approach
  • What technology can (and can’t) do to help

We were joined by a host of industry experts

Livia Benisty RegTech Associates

Livia Benisty

Global Head of Business AML, Banking Circle

Matthew Redhead

Associate Fellow, RUSI

Wendy Langridge RegTech Associates

Wendy Langridge

Chief Regulatory Officer, BCS Prime Brokerage Limited

Julian Dixon RegTech Associates

Julian Dixon

CEO, Napier

Anna Slodka-Turner RegTech Associates

Anna Slodka-Turner

Global Head of Risk and Compliance Practice, Financial Services, Evalueserve

Thanks to our webinar partners

Watch the highlights from the webinar

During this one hour webinar, we’ve pulled the key takeaways from each section including:

  • Hear from Matthew Redhead talk about traditional AML structures
  • Listen as Livia Benisty and Wendy Langridge discuss holistic AML from the regulated firm perspective
  • Observe as Anna Slodka-Turner and Julian Dixon highlight what technology can, and can’t, do to help

Watch Matthew Redhead visit traditional AML structures

Matthew Redhead introduced us to AML, how this criminal activity operates in the gaps and why we need a more holistic approach to AML to combat financial crime. 

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