How to facilitate the move to continuous KYC

In partnership with Napier, we hosted a webinar to discuss the importance of the ongoing monitoring of customer behaviour and how you can achieve it.

About the event

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a very familiar concept amongst those whose job it is to fight financial crime and at that point, the financial institution has a clear understanding of the financial crime risks associated with that client. But once those initial checks are conducted, how are financial institutions monitoring their customers’ ongoing behaviour?

With the leak of the FinCEN Files and what we are experiencing in the current climate, it is becoming more-and-more important that financial firms connect their KYC data with transactional-level data.

Watch our webinar on demand, in partnership with Napier, where we will discuss:

  • customer behaviour and its application in AML;
  • how the ongoing review of customer activity will facilitate the move to continuous KYC;
  • the missing link between KYC and AML;
  • the additional benefits of this approach; and most importantly,
  • why you should care.

If you can’t make the time the webinar is live, we encourage you to still register as we will send you the recording of the session afterwards.


  • Introduction, agenda and house keeping
  • Fireside chat with Alan Morley
  • Panel session with Nitzan Solomon, Wendy Murray and Greg Watson
  • Q & A and close

Speakers at the webinar

Sian Lewin speaker profile

Dr Sian Lewin

Co-founder and Head of Client Delivery and Research

RegTech Associates

Greg Watson



Nitzan Solomon - speaker profile

Nitzan Solomon

(VP) Head of Surveillance and Financial Crime Technology, EMEA


Alan Morley - speaker profile

Alan Morley

Financial Crime Behaviourist an leader in Compliance Risk and AML

Wendy Murray

Associate Director and Head of Lysis Academy

Lysis Financial

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Napier AI reflects on the panel discussion from the webinar.

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Watch the fireside chat with Alan Morley

The webinar opened with Dr Sian Lewin talking with Alan Morley about KYC and AML processes operating in silos, why customer behaviour is so important to AML, how customer behaviour analysis works and Alan’s advice to firms who want to adopt this process. 

Watch the webinar on demand

Watch webinar