Crisis, fraud and the use of AI webinar
Digital Regulation Series – Financial Crime

Crises, fraud and the use of AI

We hosted our second webinar as part of the Digital Regulation Series on Wednesday 3rd June where we explored fraud in a crisis, effective fraud strategies, and the importance of explainability, AI and machine learning.

About the event

We hosted our Crises, fraud and the use of AI webinar on Wednesday 3 June and discussed:

  • What happens to fraud in times of crisis?
  • What are we seeing as a result of the coronavirus crisis in terms of customer behaviour, fraud patterns and long term impacts on the payments ecosystem?
  • How can firms develop effective fraud strategies to respond dynamically to these changes?
  • The importance of fairness, transparency and ethics in the use of AI for detecting and managing fraud

We were delighted to have these experts join us

Janet Adams - RegTech Associates advisor

Janet Adams

Head of Strategic Projects and Performance, Business Banking at TSB

Andrew Renshaw

VP, Banking Solutions at Feedzai

Thanks to our webinar partner

Watch the highlights from the webinar

During this one hour webinar, we’ve pulled the key takeaways from each section including:

  • Hear from Dr Sian Lewin explain the theory behind fraud
  • Listen as Andrew Renshaw talks about effective fraud strategy
  • Ponder over Janet Adams research into accountability and explainability

The Reg Doctor on the academic theory of fraud and what happens during a crisis

Watch the entire session from the webinar where Dr Sian Lewin looks into fraud theory and pulls insights from the 2008 financial crisis to compare to the 2020 global pandemic.

FATE and Explainability – Janet Adams tells us about her research

During Janet Adams’ session at the webinar, she took us through her research into explainability and explains how it relates to artificial intelligence and financial services.

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