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Digital Regulation Series – Financial Crime

Joining the FinCrime dots on the customer journey

We hosted a roundtable in September 2019 to explore common pain points in the industry and to compare rules-based and AI-driven claims, single-use cases vs multiple-use case products, and off the shelf products vs tailor-made IT solutions.

About the event

With over 150 Financial Crime products in our market map, how do buyers, such as heads of financial crime, evaluate which ones really solve their problems? Which bits of the FinCrime puzzle do they address? And how do you take advantage of the innovation taking place in this sector? We aim to lift the innovation fog of financial crime.

During this roundtable we explored:

  • Common pain points in the industry
  • Pros/Cons of point solutions versus platforms
  • Rules-based versus AI driven claims
  • Single-use case versus multiple use case products
  • Off the shelf products vs. tailor-made IT solutions

Outline agenda from the day

Financial Crime and the Fog of Innovation – With over 150 products in our Financial Crime Market Map, how do you navigate the fog of innovation to identify the products that will really solve your challenges in the KYC process?

What are the biggest data and system pain points associated with KYC?  Using the information we have gathered from pre-event briefings, we will explore the data and technology pain points associated with the many aspects of the KYC journey – from document verification through to name screening and beyond

Internal Customer Data for KYC– Problems and Solutions  We know that good quality, clean and comprehensive customer data is a critical foundation for a sustainable KYC solution. In this session, we will seek to understand the implications of poor quality and badly managed customer data for a firm, and innovative approaches to solving this problem.

External Data Aggregation & KYC – Problems and Solutions – Vast quantities of external data are required for a robust KYC process – but how do you deal with multiple data sources in different formats, huge data volumes and the joining up of internal and external data sets?

Towards sustainable KYC – KYC often requires large armies of analysts dealing with false positives, massive volumes of data and fragmented business processes which are not sustainable over the longer term. What improvements can firms make to increase the sustainability of their KYC framework?

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