DIGITAL REGULATORY CHANGE The International Series – Zurich
Digital Regulatory Change

The International Series – Zurich

At this session, we talked about how RegTech innovative approaches are accelerating transformation efforts, shaping the future of digital regulation.

About the event

New digital financial services call for digital regulations to avoid being slowed down by traditional approaches to regulation. We believe many emerging economies have an opportunity to leapfrog existing heavily regulated countries by moving directly to digital regulations. Similarly, firms deploying RegTech solutions in developed markets can accelerate their business development and, in doing so, can improve their clients’ experience.

We see RegTech as a crucial enabler in the transformation of traditional economies and regulations into new digital ecosystems. Attendees at this event joined us and discussed how RegTech innovative approaches are accelerating these transformation efforts and thereby shaping the future of digital regulation.

Speakers included:

  • Key Note: Digital Regulation and Regulatory Change – what is the problem? Dr Sian Lewin , The RegDoctor, PhD in Regulatory Change
  • Key Note: Digital Regulation: A UK Regulator’s perspective. Gordon Chapple, FCA (UK Regulator)
  • Key Note: What are the challenges of Regulatory Change for a Financial Institution – Juerg Scharer, UBSA Swiss perspective – High level views on Swiss market impact. Olivier Favre, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd
  • International panel discussion moderated by Dr Ingo Rausser, Partner Capco – featuring Russell E Perry, CEO Kompany, Ralf Huber, Co-Founder Apiax and other speakers.

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