Financial crime risk management: an integrated approach

Financial crime risk management: an integrated approach

In partnership with Feedzai, we hosted a webinar on Wednesday 11th May 2022, highlighting the benefits of taking a more collaborative and integrated approach to fighting financial crime.

About the event

Traditionally, counter-fraud and anti-money laundering have been dealt with separately in many large financial institutions, but does the increasing convergence of different types of financial crime require a closer integration between these two functions? Is there a case for integrated financial crime risk management?

During our webinar, in partnership with Feedzai, we explored:

  • What does integration between fraud and AML/CTF really mean?
  • What might closer integration look like at different layers of the organisation?
  • What are the obstacles to closer integration, and how could they be overcome?

In partnership with

Speakers at the webinar

Dr.Sian Lewin

Co-founder and Head of Client Delivery, 

RegTech Associates

Kathryn Willis 

Group Head of Compliance and Managing Director, 


Christopher Caruana

Global SME Team and Product Strategy Head, 


Nicholas Ryder

Professor in Financial Crime,

Unviersity of West England

Watch our Expert panel discussion 

In our recent webinar with Feedzai that focused on the case for an integration of AML and CFT, our panel discussed some of the barriers that firms would face, highlighting the difficulties around adapting existing organisational structures and exchanging information between private and public entities.

Download the webinar slides 

Our expert panel had an in-depth discussion about the integration of AML and CFT. A 10-minute presentation by keynote speaker Professor Nic Ryder highlighted the links between fraud and terrorist financing. After, a panel discussion highlighting the benefits of an integrated approach to financial crime risk management. Also, the challenges firms may face around adapting existing organisational structures and sharing customer data for financial crime risk management.