Let us bring your events to life

Our position in the industry gives us access to knowledge, research and experts that many other companies don’t have. We want to use this privilege to help you deliver different ways to reach new audiences and gain credibility within your market.

How it works

Let us do the heavy lifting for you


  • Kick-off meeting to align to your objectives
  • We create the agenda and source speakers
  • A digital banner is created and the event is marketed to our audience, including paid adverts on LinkedIn and Google AdWords
  • We fully manage the audience profiling, sourcing and collection
  • We need 4 – 6 weeks of lead time before the live date


  • The webinar content will be 45 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A
  • It is fully moderated by us
  • We will source between 30-50 attendees based on a list of job roles which you have provided us
  • We will provide a 10 minute overview to open the webinar with insights from our proprietary research
  • It will be a panel format
  • There will be a midpoint and endpoint Q&A session
  • The panel will include you, an existing customer of your product, an independent expert and a RegTech Associates moderator

Follow up

  • You are given a digital recording of the webinar to use in any way you like
  • You have the attendee list (names and companies)
  • We produce a blog for you, highlighting key takeaways from the session

Typical format

Webinar timelines

  • 10 minutes – RegTech Associates industry research/market insights
  • 15 minutes – Topic 1
  • 5 minutes – Q&A
  • 15 minutes – Topic 2
  • 5 minutes – Q&A

Webinars are very different from your traditional physical events as they take out the human-to-human interaction. It is very important to format your webinar to encourage participation and keep people engaged.

Topic 1 and topic 2 completely depend on what the goal of your webinar is. Do you want to present an industry problem and then a solution? Are you focusing on financial crime and two different aspects of it? Are you launching a new product and want to exhibit its different applications?

Have a look at the recap from our ‘Crises, fraud and the use of AI’ webinar that took place in June 2020 for more information on typical webinar format.

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