RegTech Associates + Kyckr webinar event

What did the FinCEN Files tell us about company registry information?

This webinar, in partnership with Kyckr, explored company registries, their limitations and how to overcome them with technology.

About the event

With the leak of the FinCEN files in September, the world was shocked by the evidence that over 200,000 suspicious transactions, valued at over US$2 trillion over the span of 18 years, had taken place. The official address of over 1000 UK-registered companies, with 100 being named in the exposed documents, is right here in the UK.

The FinCEN leaks have accelerated the need for company directors’ identity to be verified before their appointment – a step in the right direction. The implementation of the EU’s 5AMLD regulation meant that company registers were being mandated to hold and supply information related to the UBO of a company, but not all jurisdictions are governed by this.

Company registries aren’t all equal and there are many barriers to acquiring information. As many companies operate globally, this poses a big problem when there are accessibility, technological and data completeness issues across different jurisdictions. Having improved access and transparency of company information, especially UBO data, not only massively improves KYC processes but also puts up a barrier for AML activity.

During the panel discussions, we heard about:

  • what did the FinCEN files leaks tell us about company registry information?
  • why is finding company registry data so difficult and how can technology help?
  • why is company information important for AML purposes?

BuzzFeed News report

During the fireside chat with Graham Barrow, he mentioned a report by BuzzFeed News from their investigation. You can find that here, along with a range of other documents released as part of their global investigation into financial crime. 

Read the report

Speakers at the webinar

Livia Benisty RegTech Associates

Livia Benisty

Global Head of AML, Banking Circle

Gerard Green, MLRO, Invesco

Gerard Green

Conducting Officer and MLRO, Invesco

Graham Barrow, The Dark Money Files

Graham Barrow

Director, The Dark Money Files Limited

Denisse Ruddich, AML expert

Denisse Ruddich

CCO and Co-Founder, ELEMENTARYb

Hear about the FinCEN Files from the expert

Graham Barrow was one of the first people to know about the FinCEN Files. Watch his fireside chat with Jason Boud, CEO and Co-Founder of RegTech Associates, and get a view from the inside.

Overcoming the Limitations of Company Registries to Enhance KYC Efficiency

In this white paper, written in partnership with Kyckr, we discuss the economic and human impacts of financial crime, the barriers to company information including UBOs and how you can overcome the limitations of company registries to enhance KYC efficiency.

Overcoming the Limitations of Company Registries - White paper - RegTech Associates

This webinar was in partnership with

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