Stablecoins, Defi, DAO’s – Seriously I can’t keep up!

In this webinar we cast our analytical eye over funding to understand how the investment landscape has been impacted by the current economic climate. We throw the spotlight onto the Tax and Web3 markets to explore the evolving regulatory environment and highlight how technology vendors are innovating to support forthcoming regulations in the Web3 ecosystem.

About the event:

Throughout the year we produce Quarterly pulse reports in which we cover market insights, news and fundraising from the RegTech and RiskTech markets! 

In our Q2 Pulse Report we provide our expert insight into all of the current RegTech market trends. We also take a deep-dive into Web3, exploring the intersection of risk between the worlds of traditional and decentralised finance.

Stablecoins, Defi, DAO’s – Seriously I can’t keep up! Webinar intro from our Senior Research Analyst,
Nathan Parker